Does your IT work for you – or rather vice versa?

Digitization is coming

  • You feel you would experience a huge benefit from a fast, efficient technology deployment?
  • Your company's core competence is in the pharmaceutical and life science area?
  • Your employees are already fully occupied.?

This is the situation in which we would like to introduce maxclinical to you.

Your business processes need ...

  • to be faster and easier?
  • quality improvement?
  • harmonization across projects and business units?
  • documenting, e. g. to achieve inspection readiness?
  • adoption to changed requirements?

You plan ...

  • to comply with changes of regulatory requirements and official guidelines (RBM, IDMP, etc.)?
  • to control document workflow (templates, creation, review, release, archiving)?
  •  to control and improve the information flow across your company?

Your data need ..

  • to be captured from multiple sources?
  • validating and cleaning?
  • to be made available role-based across projects and business units ?
  • to be evaluated across multiple systems?
  • to be archived in an efficient manner?

You would be more than happy to ...

  • identify just the right solution for your needs from a variety of vendors and systems?
  • seamlessly integrate the selected system into your existing infrastructure?
  • migrate from an existing system to a new one?
  • have all the required validation done for you?
  • see your staff trained and supported at any time?
  • have your system available in time?

maxclinical is at home in two worlds ...

We know clinical research by heart, and we are specialists in processes and IT systems for clinical research. For more than 20 years, we have built, introduced, validated and integrated these systems; and we have led our customers successfully through the change management and adoption of them.

And –working in CROs and for Pharma – we used these systems ourselves in clinical studies.  We provide hands-on experience.

Beyond the scope of just IT experts we know CRO and Pharma industry’s processes, needs and regulations.